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November 17, 2016

Creating a Website

immobilien-netzwerk designing a website

If you wanted to create a website when the internet first came out, you would have to either learn HTML, CSS or Flash but today it is easier than that, you need not learn anything, just download a website platform. A website platform is software that allows you to create a website in standard format and it then applies any codes that are needed to create the site ready to go on the worldwide web. Having created your website though, you can only connect it to the internet via a host website.

There are several website platforms and host websites to choose from but the most popular website platform is WordPress. WordPress has helped people to create nearly one quarter of all the websites on the net and that is because it is easy to use with no knowledge of coding necessary. Another popular website platform is Joomla and this is popular because although it may need a little basic coding knowledge for some of the more complex features, it has almost unlimited features, far more than WordPress. Drupal is also a popular website platform but more popular with professional web designers than beginners as it does require some coding knowledge but if you have that, it is a very powerful tool. Most website platforms are free and so no cost is involved but that is not usually the case for host websites as they will usually charge a monthly fee to keep your website online. The cost of a host website though is not great as most only charge as little as $3 – $5 per month.

Once you have decided which website platform and which host website you are going to use, you download the platform to the website and start to create your home page. Most platforms will provide a wide range of themes for your website design and some even allow you to design your own. Once you have created your home page you will have to design and organize any other pages that you may like. As you will probably have several pages to your website, you will also have to have a site plan located on your home page. If you cannot find a page for the use that you want on WordPress, it will more than likely be on Joomla and so you may have to download an extension of Joomla to your WordPress. This is easier than it may sound as WordPress for Joomla and Joomla for WordPress are compatible, allowing you to add as many extensions from Joomla to WordPress without any trouble.

In the creation of your website, the design of the home page is very important as that is the page most visitors to your site will visit first and first impressions mean a lot. You will therefore want to try and ensure that your home page can capture a visitor’s interest long enough to see what is available on your site map and easily proceed to what they want.

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